Jan 252013

Visualize and analyze the Bitcoin block chain with the most advanced publicly available web-based analysis tool to date. By provably combining related bitcoin addresses into owners and constructing a visualized payment network of these owners, the Block Viewer provides new and more useful information for those looking for a better way to track payments and people.

Block Viewer

The side bar provides additional information about the owner, including links to time-division snapshots of the owner network. Click on a date and follow transaction chains through the day. This feature is still experimental but can be an extremely powerful way to quickly cut through payment obfuscation techniques.

The Block Viewer is about 1.5 weeks behind at the moment (the time division graphs are almost a month behind), but the server has been re-enabled and is updating the graphs right now. Submit addresses you know to have an identity with the “Identify” link in the menu bar and make the tool more useful by labeling owners! (Right now it scrapes Bitcoin-OTC and BitcoinTalk forum signatures to initially seed the labels).

Catch me on the forums for questions and concerns. Check out the source on Github. Enjoy!

  • Streblo

    I assume you’re consolidating addresses which have been signed in the same transaction into a single “owner.” This was fine until multi-sig became popular in late 2012 — whereby multiple people sign their respective inputs in a single transaction. I believe you will need to change this behavior.

  • michaelwally

    I have absolutely no idea how I became the subject of this screenshot.

  • MSusicky

    We are working on standalone application based on Gephi – it’s called SVAT and it will be able to visualize data from blockchain. Check out our website at http://www.nfgsvat.com/ or twitter @nfg_svat