Dec 022011

Yesterday I wanted to export my Google Voice text messages to my computer in order to do some analysis on them that was outside the scope of the basic search feature built in to their web client. As a result, I created a program to parse all Google Voice text messages into an easily readable .csv file.  The problem with Google’s export function is that it creates an HTML file for each conversation which is not very useful for what I wanted.  Therefore, I posted the project up on GitHub if you want to check it out, I hope others find some use for this this. I have also packaged an executable, and if you would like to do this right now, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to, select “Choose Services”, and select “Voice” and create an archive.
  2. After you download the file, extract it and navigate to the “conversations” folder.
  3. Download and place GoogleVoiceToCSV.jar into this folder and run it.  (You need to have the Java runtime environment).
  4. Wait a couple seconds, and look for “Text_Messages.csv”.
Voila!  There is your nicely organized CSV file.  Enjoy!