Dec 232011

I am currently away from home visiting family and cannot demonstrate something particularly awesome regarding my normal projects so I thought I would simply share how to change a domain from GoDaddy to NameCheap given the recent boycott regarding Godaddy’s support of the retarded SOPA legislation:

Step 1: Unlock the domain


Step 2: Turn off automatic renewal


Step 3: Email the EPP Code Used for Domain Transfer


Step 4: Disable Private Domain Management (if applicable)


Step 5: Copy the Emailed EPP Code


Step 6: Sign Up at NameCheap. Use SOPASucks as a discount code. Enter the EPP Code.


Step 7: Enter the Copied EPP Code


Step 8: Click on Transfer Confirmation Link


Step 9: Click 'I Agree'


Step 10: Confirm the Transfer at GoDaddy


Step 11: Accept


Step 12: A Job Well Done




  • John Wells

    Excellent! Made it easy. I’ve been putting off the move for years.